What is behind the name?

ARALON was created as a name for our company based on the ARA, which is kind of colorful parrot.
The wonderful and bright colors of the parrot's feathers are the result of light refraction through nano-sized holes in the natural polymer structure of the parrot feathers.
Depending on the hole size and the number of feather layers results in an unlimited number of bright and colorful shades of light, seen by our eyes as being the color of the feathers themselves.
This has, for our company, a relevance of many kinds.
Initially the brightness and purity of the parrot's colors is similar, but often less when compared to the brightness and purity of our fluorescent colors.
Further, the colors of the feathers were created in completely natural way, which is for our R&D development, an orientation for the future horizons of the company.

Unser Slogan: The functional color company ®

Today, special colors are more and more applied not only due to their appearance and design reasons, but to fulfill a distinct function within the application, such as safety, marking, monitoring, automatizing, etc.
ARALON is continuously creating different products to be applied as functional colors, helping to save costs and open the way to new applications. To counter-act product piracy and creating colors due to their functionality in addition to the traditional color creation for design and appearance reasons.