This section presents the up to date product range of ARALON GmbH.
Our products are classed by series. Products from the same series have the same chemistry and therefore the same performance and applications. Each series has a large range of shades.
This specifically applies to the products found in the following ARALON® series:

ARACO Stir-In Daylight Fluorescent pigments,
ARAPLAST Melting Fluorescent Pigments,
ARAPRINT Fluorescent Soluble Toners,
ARAPRINT Fluorescent emulsions for OFFSET printing

Dyes or Pigments ?

The major difference between dyes and pigments is that the former need to be dissolved completely in the application medium while pigments need only to be dispersed in the final application mixture to their target particle size.
The advantage of ARALON® fluorescent pigments above dyes and other pigments is their ease of dispersion in the application medium. They are all of "STIR-IN" quality - Only sufficient mixing is needed in order to homogenize the formulation. No modification to the particle size is required.

At the same time they can withstand harsh mixing environments without loss of quality or brilliance.

In general, pigments are preferred to dyes due to their better light stability, good migration behavior and to be independent of the applied solvent or binder and counter compatibility problems.

Any given technical information is given on a purely informative basis. ARALON cannot give any warranty for a particular use.