ARALON® special products

ARALON® Solid-State Fluorescent Pigments

While the majority of fluorescent pigments are composed of solid solutions of fluorescent dyes and additives in specialty resins, Solid-state fluorescent pigments are fluorescent in their crystalline form.

However, the “STIR-IN” advantage, which is a result of the fine particle size and the resin coating of the other ARALON® pigments, is not present in this product range.

ARALON® SSF pigments need to be dispersed in the final application formulation or in a part of the formulation in order to achieve their optimal color strength. They need to be stabilized in the target dispersion. Main applications are stationary, crayon pens, marking, printing inks and Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT).


ARALON® SSF-100 Pigment Yellow 101
The above shades are only indicative; computer screens and conventional printers cannot reproduce true fluorescent shades


ARALON® UV Light Fluorescent colorants

These are fluorescent colorants that do not have a body color and are thus hidden to the naked eye under daylight conditions.

UV light fluorescent colorants can be seen only under UV light (black light) but do have different shades. As these colorants use the same technology applied in the other ARALON® series, we have included them in the relevant series.

In the following table, a summary of all UV-fluorescent colorants is listed.

The products codes (as previously given), which contain the UV suffix between the product code and the shade, indicate that the shade can only be seen under UV light, not under daylight.

It must be noted that all the below listed products have different physical and chemical properties and they cannot be mixed with other products within the UV fluorescent color range. They are only suitable for a distinct application.


ARALON® Fluorescent dyes:

There are some applications that would benefit from the use of a soluble fluorescent dyestuff. The ARALON Fluorescent dye series is adapted for such applications.

For more technical details, please refer to the technical data sheet of the related dye.


ARALON® Colored resins

Our knowledge and expertise is utilized in coloring resins with all potential shades and to process these final products to the targeted application for defined customer projects.

Today, in applications where current pigments and dyes do not give full satisfaction, ARALON’s colored resin technology can create specialty products to overcome these problems. This concept has already been established with multiple partners.


ARALON® Embedding technology

We would be happy to utilize our know how in embedding technology for specified customized projects creating novel products. Embedding technology could be used to:

  1. Create or increase formulation compatibility
  2. Reduce or eliminate potential sedimentation
  3. Reduce or avoid migration, efflorescence and plate out
  4. Increase heat and light stability
  5. Facilitating the integration of different additives in carriers and applications, which were not possible or feasible before utilizing the embedding technology.


ARALON® Customer specific dispersions

Our special production and laboratory equipment allow the production of white pigments (TiO2, ZnS, ZnO) and fluorescent pigments dispersions and other fluorescent products in specified resins, which require safe handling and sophisticated plant design.

Our customers and partners are welcome to contact us in order to produce specialty dispersions.