ARAPRINT-51 Fluorescent toners

The coarse milled ARAPRINT-51 toners are easy soluble in certain solvent formulations with very high transparency. More opaque inks can be formulated by adding suitable additives.

The complete solubility of ARAPRINT-51 toners in the final formulation is critical for its application in solvent based gravure and flexographic inks.

Solutions are particle-free and may therefore also be used in industrial inkjet inks. ARAPRINT-51 solutions disappear after evaporation of the solvent.

Due to the solubility of ARAPRINT-51 toners and full compatibility of shades all colors from this range can be mixed without limitation to obtain clean intermediate shades.

ARAPRINT-51 toners produce the most brilliant and fluorescent shades when printed on white substrates.

Crucial is the compatibility of the ARAPRINT-51 toners with other parts of the formulation such as resins and film formers. Depending on the application, mixed parts should remain in solution for a certain period of time without formation of any sedimentation.

Suitable solvent-based formulations contain no free particles and are therefore suitable for inkjet applications. Often used solvents are Ethanol in mixture with Ethyl acetate, further acetone is often used too.

Due to its low melting point milled formulations can also be used in powder coating applications.