In addition to daylight fluorescent pigments and daylight fluorescent pigment dispersions ARALON COLOR also offers a wide range of phosphorescent pigments with bright and long-lasting afterglow effect.

ARAGLO-phosphorescent pigments are rare earth alkaline mineral crystals. They are manufactured to

the highest standards and can be charged an infinite number of times. Afterglow is up to 50 times  longer than traditional phosphorescent zinc sulfide pigments. Their light fastness is also considerably higher when compared to zinc sulfide pigments.


ARAGLO-phosphorescent pigments are specially coated for outstanding water stability.

This makes the ARAGLO-10 and -90 series both solvent and water resistant, also for long lasting outdoor applications. The ARAGLO-20 series, however should not be used in acidic-water formulations.


Grain- Body- Afterglow- Afterglow- Afterglow-
Size Color Color Intensity Duration
ARAGLO-101 UV GREEN 5-10 µm white yellow-green very bright very long
ARAGLO-109 UV BLUE 5-30 µm white sky-blue bright long
ARAGLO-121 UV GREEN 45-85 µm white yellow-green extreme very long
ARAGLO-211 UV GREEN 35-50 µm white yellow-green very bright very long
ARAGLO-219 UV BLUE 35-50 µm white sky-blue very bright very long
ARAGLO-900 YELLOW 15-45 µm yellow yellow medium medium
ARAGLO-901 GREEN 15-45 µm green green bright medium
ARAGLO-903 ORANGE 15-45 µm orange orange medium medium
ARAGLO-906 PINK 15-45 µm pink pink medium medium