A range of fluorescent pigments with a particle size of D50 = 3 – 7 µm. Its carrier is based on a melamine-formaldehyde resin that was especially developed for paints, printing inks, PVC, polyurethanes and other applications requiring high solvent and water resistance as well as better heat stability.

ARACO-10 fluorescent pigments are designed for optimal balance between color strength, light fastness and fluorescence/brightness.

In many ways they are comparable to the ARACO-30 series. However, ARACO-10 fluorescent pigments are inferior in color strength, but outperform in light fastness.

Pigments of the ARACO-10 series retain particle size and shape in their end use application. In order to obtain clean intermediate color shades it is recommended to blend only with neighboring shades.

Brilliance and fluorescence (under UV light) can be increased by adding ARACO-109 UV BLUE while reducing color strength.