New generation     formaldehyde-free     daylight fluorescent pigments


A New Generation of formaldehyde-free, fluorescent pigments with significantly improved light fastness and color strength compared to conventional, formaldehyde-containing fluorescent pigments.

This innovative range of daylight fluorescent pigments offers intense fluorescence and outstanding stability in waterborne formulations for extended shelf-life.

Its carrier is based on a hybrid-resin technology developed specifically for paints, printing inks, artists colors, latex, aerosols and other applications where improved light stability, high color strength and water resistance are critical.

For applications that require solvent resistance we recommend the formaldehyde-free ARAGEN-10 daylight fluorescent pigments.

The ARAQUA-10 range of fluorescent pigments has a particle size of D50 = 4 – 7 µm.

In their end use application ARAQUA-10 pigments retain particle size and shape. In order to obtain clean intermediate color shades it is recommended to blend only with neighboring shades.

Brilliance and fluorescence (under UV light) can be increased by adding ARAGEN-199 UV BLU also reducing color strength.