What’s behind the name?

ARALON was derived from the ARA, a big and colorful parrot.

The wonderful and bright colors of the parrot’s feathers are the result of light refraction through nano-size holes in the natural polymer structure of the parrot’s feathers. Depending on hole size and number of feather layers the human eye sees an unlimited number of bright and colorful shades of light, which appear to be the color of the feathers themselves.

In many ways this is relevant to our company too. As we strive for better functionality, bright and pure colors, we are also looking at more creative ways to make our pigments more sustainable.

In this sense the ARA is not only godfather, but guiding principal of our R&D efforts.

Today special effect colors are being used not only for their decorative appearance, but for their functionality in safety, marketing, marking, testing and tracing.


The functional color company®.

ARALON COLOR will support you creating effective and sustainable solutions in the area of luminescence.