Daylight fluorescent pigments

Daylight fluorescent pigments are stimulated by normal daylight to shine, they fluoresce. The invisible UV component of the daylight is converted into visible light. Part of the visible short-wavelength light is converted to the fluorescent color. This increases the light density at fixed wavelengths. Fluorescent colors appear considerably stronger and more brilliant than conventional colors.


In contrast to fluorescent daylight pigments, pure UV light pigments have no visible body color and are only fluorescent under UV light. Non-fluorescent colors appear dull under UV light.

The main difference between dyes and pigments is that dyes completely dissolve in the medium used. On the other hand, pigments remain as solid bodies. To achieve the best color strength, they must be dispersed to the optimum particle size.

The advantage of ARALON fluorescent pigments over conventional organic pigments is the ease of stirring in the application medium. We are talking about “stir-in” quality, which does not produce pigment agglomerations. Only a thorough mixing is required to achieve a homogeneously dispersed quality.

At the same time, they can withstand harsh mixing without loss of quality.

In general, pigments are preferred over dyes because of their better lightfastness, lower migration property, higher solvent resistance, binder compatibility, and interchangeability.