Solid-State Fluorescent Pigments / Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

While the majority of fluorescent pigments are composed of solid solutions of fluorescent dyes and additives in specialty resins, Solid-state fluorescent pigments are fluorescent in their crystalline form.

However, the “STIR-IN” advantage, which is a result of the fine particle size and the resin coating of the other ARALON® pigments, is not present in this product range.

ARALON® SSF pigments need to be dispersed in the final application formulation or in a part of the formulation in order to achieve their optimal color strength. They need to be stabilized in the target dispersion.

Main applications are
crayon pens
printing inks and
Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT), Figure above.

Most important products for for NDT applications are

ARALON® SSF-100 / Pigment Yellow 101 / CAS:  2387-03-3